Portrait FAQS

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What should we wear?

Aim for simple and something you feel really great in! By staying with the basics for your clothing selections the focus is on you and not what you are wearing. Solid colors are best. Try to avoid logos, lettering or distracting patterns.  Choose similar clothing for everyone such as jeans and a white t-shirt or everyone in black and white makes your portrait come together.  A hint of colour is also really beautiful.

What location do you suggest for portraits?

Anywhere that is special to you.  Your home, yard, favourite park, the beach; where ever you enjoy spending time.  Keylight Photography also offers a complete professional portrait studio.

I don’t want a traditional “sears” type portrait!

Great!  Keylight specializes in a blend of photo journalistic style and fine art portraiture.  No more “say cheese” photographs.  Keylight works hard to create a fun and easy going atmosphere where your portraits are natural not overly posed and stiff.  We work together to capture really creative and unique portraits.

I’m not photogenic!

Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of feeling comfortable in front of the camera.  We chat or meet before your session to get to know one another and to discuss what you’d like for your portraits.  Thus, on the day of your session you can feel more relaxed.  During your photo shoot, Ashley will give you direction and show you what to do so you don’t feel like a “deer in headlights”!

What if it rains?

No problem, Keylight Photography offers a complete professional portrait studio, we can always move indoors.  If you have your heart set on an outdoor session, we can always reschedule, or just have some fun with a session in the rain.  Keylight will provide the umbrellas!

How many photos/poses can we do?

All sessions are unlimited poses and shots.  Portraits are a way to celebrate a special moment or milestone in your life, so we can do as many groupings, poses and shots as you wish.

Can we purchase digital files?

Yes! You always have the option to purchase the hi-res digital files.