Cutest Kid and Most Beautiful Baby Contest Entrants

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest!  We had a great turnout.

Such wonderful kids with such fun personalities!  It was a pleasure meeting you all!

I don’t think I have ever smiled and laughed so much during a portrait session.


We Need Your Votes!


Now that all of the entries are in we need your votes to determine the cutest kid and most beautiful baby!

How do I vote?

Send an email to or use the “Contact Us” link above.  Include your name and who you are voting for (indicated by the letter on each portrait).

When does voting end?

Votes need to be in by Wednesday November 4th.

Can I vote for more than one entrant?

Yes, many families have entered more than one child, so please vote for everyone you know!

How do I know if we have won?

Results will be posted on Friday the 6th.  You will also receive a call for Keylight to give you the good news!


The Keylight Cuties