Kaloya Point Regional Park Weddings


Kaloya Regional Park is an absolutely stunning location for your ceremony.

This is a one of a kind venue situated on a land bridge between Okanagan and Duck Lake.  Perfect for a romantic outdoor ceremony.

This is one of my favorite locations to shoot “Okanagan” style portraits, love story portraits and weddings.

Your guests will get the entire “Okanagan Experience” when attending your wedding at this location.

Note: if you are looking for a reception venue, the Oyama Community Hall is perfect and only 2 minutes away.


Kaloya Regional Park is 3.7 hectares.  Located in Oyama, BC, just across the highway from Gatke’s Farmers Market.  The park provides a great place for your family in the summer months to swim, boat, picnic, and take a short but picturesque walk around the peninsula.  There are many shady areas, spots on the beaches for sunbathers and swimmers and lots of grass and benches too!


Click here to visit Kaloya Regional Park’s website.