A Lovely Testimonial

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Rebecca-Lee and Cam for sending me a lovely testimonial.  Thank you!
You were such a pleasure to work with and you hosted such a beautiful wedding!



“My name is Rebecca-lee and I got married July 11, 2010. When I began looking for photographers for my wedding I knew that I wanted a professional. I wanted my pictures to look unique and creative. The Harvest Golf & Country Club recommended I look into Keylight Photography. I did and loved what I saw. Every picture was a captured emotion in time. It was more than just an image. I knew then that Keylight Photography was right for me. Ashley was very flexible to my needs and budget. We put together a plan that was right for us.

Ashley is easy going, creative and fun to work with. She was more than willing to help out with any requests. She designed the front of my wedding invitations based on my criteria. We also ordered Jones Soda labels that had our engagement pictures on them for our guest favors. My wedding was everything I had hoped for and Ashley captured my dream into standstill memories forever. She took more than enough pictures and was very thorough. I don’t even remember her darting around during the ceremony taking pictures. Our experience was overall fantastic! I highly recommend Keylight Photography.

Thank you Ashley for your hard work. I am looking forward to seeing you again for more of your amazing work!”

Cameron & Rebecca-lee McKay